Whenever the American public casts their votes to decide the next President of the United States, there are always many very important issues to consider when choosing a candidate. Rather than making this discussion about Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election, instead, we wish to call attention to the area of family law, and how any President, and the outcome of any election, impacts such matters.

First, one area to consider that any President and any election affects is that of the economy. This is always a hot button political issue, no matter the year, the candidates, or the election, and the differing approach on such matters if one of the chief differences between our political parties. Tax policies, strategies to grow the economy, matters of unemployment, foreign trade deals, investment levels, government intervention, and on down the line, vary greatly and impact each of us.

The above won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this guide, however, how then does this relate to family law? Well, financial trouble is one of the top 3 leading causes of divorce according to studies from sources such as the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts. The strength of the economy and the strength of our personal finances and careers, and the way in which that interacts with our personal livelihoods, are therefore an underappreciated aspect of such elections.

Meanwhile, one element that is somewhat but not entirely unique to this election is that the new President will be responsible for appointing a new Supreme Court judge immediately, with the potential for others to follow in the years ahead. The way the Supreme Court is composed has a massive bearing on big picture legislation and the direction the country moves in.

On the subject of family law, look no further than the landmark ruling several years ago to support nationwide legal same sex marriage. This was a tight ruling which came down to a 5-4 vote in its decision.

When future decisions cross the desk of those judges, it’s the people who sit in those chairs, as appointed by the President and whatever political party he or she represents, that make the crucial calls that impact all of our lives to some degree. It’s another key way in which the President and the election affects family law issues.

Of course, before changing your vote or making any other decisions, be sure to take the time to perform your own research and evaluation of the candidates. Hopefully you’re doing this already, however, the overlooked aspect of family law and its potential implications here may not have been on your radar, and is worth remembering as well.