Shops and supermarkets are a part of modern life, with most people shopping for drinks, food and even electrical goods, clothing and pet products. Although these are popular places and attract a large number of people, they can be home to potential hazards and dangers.

Shops and supermarkets have a duty towards their customers and visitors. No matter how big or small the place is, the owners and occupiers are legally responsible for protecting the health and safety of the customers whilst they are shopping within the premises. Injuries and accidents in shops and supermarkets can occur due to a number of reasons. But, the major kinds of accidents include slips and trips.

Many shops and supermarkets have polished floors and it is often quite difficult to see spilt liquids on the floor. Another thing is that customers are usually in a rush when it comes to shopping and therefore they don’t look out for potential dangers and hazards. Slip and trip accidents can result in serious injuries such as head and back injuries. Falls over obstacles on the floor such as boxes can also lead to injuries such as leg injuries and fractures.

The entrance of the shop or supermarket injury claims is one of the most common places where majority of the accidents take place. Badly maintained or poorly positioned entry mats are often main causes of slips and trips accidents. Also, floors become really slippery during the wet weather and this can create a potential hazard for customers too.

Shops and supermarkets have a duty to ensure that members of the public are safe whilst using their premises. They must keep shopping areas free from potential risks of accidents and injuries. External areas such as walkways must be salted and gritted during the winter months so that customers do not get involved in slip on ice accidents. If an accident has taken place in a shop or supermarket due wet flooring, obstacles on the floor or ice and snow, then the victim may be entitled to make an injury claim for compensation

But, to be able to pursue an injury claim, it is essential to prove that the occupiers or the owners had been negligent in their duty of care. This can be done by taking a number of steps following the accident. These steps include:

– Reporting the accident to someone of authority so that details can be noted in the accident book.
– Obtaining contact details of eye witnesses
– Seeking medical attention to get the injuries examined and documented.
– Taking photos of the injuries sustained and is possible what caused the accident.
– Seeking legal advice

Taking all these steps will ensure that you get compensated for your injuries if the accident was not your fault.