Falling is one of the leading causes of injuries in our home. Injuries like stumbling on stairs; slipping in bathtubs; tripping over dog leashes; and one of the common causes are falling off from ladders and step stools. We must know every safety precautions in our households to prevent such accidents.

Me, myself had experienced an accident due to damaged ladders or old ladders at home. I admit that sometimes or maybe most of the time it has to be the fault of the victim. It is maybe due to the lack of common sense. Checking the equipment before using it is a must in every situation especially in this one. In many accidents, either the ladder or worker slipped.

However, ladder accidents are also due to some circumstances. Some says that it is because when climbing the ladder, both their hands are carrying some tools or any thing that prevents them from holding on to the ladder. Slipping off from ladders is also one of the most common reasons why people fall from ladders. We have to or must admit that Human failure causes most ladder falls, but the preventable error is often administrative; not the fault of the victim. Some people uses protective equipment’s like helmets or thick clothing for their protection but still it does not prevent someone from these accidents.

Before any accidents like this happens to us, safety precautions must be put to consideration. One precaution is that we must know what kind of work we will be doing in order to know what equipment’s we should use. We should only use ladders for tasks which we will be doing for a short period of time. Another helpful tip is to make sure that the ladder is secure and cannot slip from the base. If the ladder is not that long, have someone hold it from the base to prevent the ladder from slipping. It is important to place the ladder fall claims on a firm, stable surface which is of suitable strength to keep the rungs horizontal. The last precaution that I will share but exactly not the least is to check the ladder for defects, and make sure that it is only used by people who know how to use it correctly. By following these precautions we surely can prevent if not minimize accidents caused by ladders. It is better to be safe than suffer the circumstances and have regrets about it.