Working at height is responsible for hundreds of work related accidents each year and falls from heights result in hundreds of serious injuries and even death and yet many of these height and ladder related accidents can be prevented.

When working at height the most important thing to do before carrying out any work is to perform a risk assessment. This does not necessarily mean excessive paper work but it is a good idea to make a note of a few of the potential risks you may face. When working with heights these can be obvious such as falls and injury but it also good no note how are you are and the likelihood of serious or life threatening injury:

* Its important when ever working at a height that can lead to serious injury or death in a fall that you never work alone and have at least one person on site in case of accidents.

When you have identified the risks its important to analyse the job in hand as the type of task can often reflect in the equipment needed, including the type of ladders to use.

When working inside a building the best ladders to use are step-ladders or combination ladders. These are ideal for most jobs inside and as the can both be folded away and they have a platform for resting tools on which will prevent the need for climbing the ladder whilst carrying equipment.

Work platforms are also useful when working on ceilings and though they are more cumbersome some folding work platforms are available.

Extendable or extension ladders are good for working outdoors and are rested against a wall. These ladders are however, the most dangerous type of ladder as they can slip and topple and as they can extend they are also very high. When using an extendable ladder its vital that you rest it the correct angle on a non-slip floor. Getting someone to foot it for you is also a good idea. Feel free to call us for ladder fall claims.

Often when working at the top of walls or on roofs its better to use a roof ladder. These ladders extend down and can also allow you to rest against a roof without fear of falling through.